ISBN: 9791036358517

Publication date: 14 Sep 2023

Author: Lebrecque, Anne-Marie

A lively and colorful introduction to learning about numbers and counting:

Puppies, penguins, bees, and many more cheerful animals help children recognize numbers and learn to count. With the help of words and pictures, children can easily make the connection between the numbers and images from 1 through 20.- Encourages numeracy development, helping young children become enthusiastic learners

- A built-in counting game that develops observation skills and boosts confidence

- A fun number-learning adventure!

- Includes a bonus! The numbers 21 to 100 are included in the back pages

 One Brown Bear helps young children develop pre-math skills.

- Great family and classroom read-aloud

- Books for children aged 3 to 5

- Books for preschool and kindergarten children

*Introduces numbers and counting

*Builds numeracy and pre-math skills

*Encourages counting with fingers and use of manipulatives to develop confidence and fluency in learning early math concepts

*Bright, colorful illustrations engage children and help them remember

*Numbers are presented as digits and words, and with images of dice and fingersl