ISBN: 9782067261310

Publication date: 18 Jan 2024

Author: Michelin
Michelin's France luxurious tourist and motoring atlas is super resistant and easy to use thanks to its fold-out multiflex binding. In addition of Michelin's clear and accurate mapping, this atlas will give you an enhanced view of your journey thanks to its scale 1/200,000. The route planner as well as the time distance charts will help you plan and optimise journey. Michelin's new safety alerts warn you about dangerous driving areas and zones subjet to tighter speed checks. This atlas also includes 40 cities plans with QR codes linking to your smartphone for an easy navigation in urban areas. Information on tourist sights, leisure facilities, scenic routes, as well as service areas will add pleasure and comfort to your journey Michelin's France multiflex tourist and motoring atlas features: * Scale: 1/200,000: for an enhanced view of your journey * Fold flat making it easier to read your journey as you go along * Key to map pages: to quickly access the region of your interest * A complete town index: To easily indentify to destination of your choice * Distance and time chart: to help you plan your trip * 40 city plans with QR Code to guide you through the last few miles of your journey with your smartphone * Michelin's danger alerts: to help you identify zones at risks for drivers and controlled speed areas * Main Road Map for an overview of France's primary road network * 18 pages of European mapping scale 1/3,500,000 * 20 pages dedicated to motorway service areas - with facilities available on-site. * In English language: Keys, indexes and information The atlas is also cross-referenced with the famous Michelin's Green Guide with tourist sights, scenic routes and leisure facilities.