ISBN: 9782067235533

Publication date: 04 Feb 2019

Author: Michelin
The updated Green Guide Austria reveals the spectacular beauty of the country & mountains, forests and lakes. Dotted within its scenery are picturesque villages andtowns awaiting discovery, and vibrant cities brimming with culture. Recommended activities such as skiing down snowy slopes, strolling through Christmas markets, or sipping a Viennese coffee offer a taste of the Austrian experience. This guide, with its maps, color photos, driving and walking tours, suggested hotels and restaurants, and indepth information, ensures a memorable visit. Key features • Attractions reviewed and rated, using Michelin’s celebrated star-rating system. • Walk-throughs of major museums, galleries, churches and attractions; includes illustrations and floor plans. • Discover Montafon Valley by car, or stroll the streets of picturesque Vienna. Michelin walking and driving tours offer a more in-depth, personal experience of the country. • Comprehensive illustrated sections on modern Austria, its history, art and culture—all written by experts in their fields. • Sidebars throughout the guide focus on intriguing topics, such as the von Trapp Family, the Legend of St. Florian and Salbzburger Sportwelt. • Detailed visitor information given for every attraction, including opening hours, tour times, entry fees, phone, website. Michelin area and city maps. • Includes recommendations for great places to eat and stay for every budget.