ISBN: 9781913520892

Publication date: 04 Jul 2024

Author: Gwinn, Saskia
A celebration of science, starring some of its best-loved and lesser-known heroes.

If all the scientists are saving the world... who is working on time travel? Scientists who are zooming through space, protecting the planet, singing with whales... and even learning to travel through time. Get ready to meet more than 20 inspiring, real-life scientists, and discover how they started asking questions... just like YOU!

A perfect introduction to STEM subjects for children aged 4+
· This book showcases a diverse range of scientists, from those digging up dinosaurs and zooming through space to those saving animals and helping people get better with an inspiring 'you can do it too' message
· Features the stories of famous scientists such as Mary Anning and David Attenborough and introduces readers to lesser known scientists