ISBN: 9781913520038

Publication date: 02 Sep 2021

Author: Joanne Ruelos Diaz, Annelies Draws

Discover a different way to find happiness every day of the year with this pocket-size book that celebrates the little things that bring great joy. Be inspired by famous people on their birthdays; learn how to spot and find flowers throughout each season; create your own gratitude jar; learn how to make pastries; make a gift for someone you love; discover the pleasure of letter writing; and find joy in a rainy day. Packed with art activities, famous birthdays, inventions, international holidays, facts, and trivia about the world around us, each page offers a mindful prompt to encourage gratitude for things we have, every day.

• Pocket book that celebrates the simple things all over the world, such as playing a game, receiving a hug, sharing a laugh and discovering something new
• Sharing a different way to pocket joy every day of the year for a world in need of cheerfulness
• Featuring significant dates in history, important people who have achieved greatness and ideas for fun do-at-home activities