ISBN: 9781906388461

Publication date: 20 Sep 2010

Author: Cas Holmes

Textile artists have always used found objects, both for decoration and to imbue their work with meaning. Cas Holmes is renowned for her use of ‘the found’, and her many-layered, atmospheric pieces have been shown around the world. The practice differs from recycling in that the objects often remain ‘themselves’ when they are incorporated into the work, rather than being transformed into something else and their original appearance being obliterated. The work is often conceived and built around the found object. The definition ‘found object’ can include a wide range of objects, from natural materials such as driftwood and leaves to old bits of machinery and vintage fabrics. Mundane objects such as CD cases can be used to create stunning pieces of art, or more sentimental items such as old jewellery can lend deep meaning to a work. The book covers: • How to find objects: for example in the home, walking the streets, travel souvenirs • Types of found object: including natural objects, man-made items, printed ephemera • Using found objects: using little jewels to decorate work, making unusual frames, creating work within boxes • Creating surfaces with found objects: printing, layering, fusing, cutting and stitch This book contains a wealth of techniques and inspiration for incorporating found objects into your textile work.