ISBN: 9781906388348

Publication date: 15 Apr 2009

Author: Ruth Issett

Author Ruth Issett is one of the world's leading colourist in textile art today. Her stunning colour combinations defy colour rules and she shows you how to experiment with techniques to get the very best out of any textile work. The book is aimed at all those involved in textiles – embroiderers, patchworkers and textile decorators, as well as students and teachers of design. Lavishly illustrated with colour photographs of finished fabrics, this simple colour ‘recipe’ book gives guidance and reassurance on the technical aspects of colour and dyeing. It includes: • How to dye different natural fabrics, including heavy cotton, silk, satin, linen, and cotton velvet as well as threads • Colour mixing and inspiration: colour combinations; tones, tints, shades; complementary schemes • Detailed guidance on the dyeing processes, including equipment, shades, colour families, over-dyeing, pre-treatment of fabric, and fabric types • Ways of applying dye from the very, very simple onwards • Techniques, including the various types of resists as well as discharge and bleached effects • Advanced techniques and combinations, including the use of thickeners and over-dyeing