ISBN: 9781906388324

Publication date: 18 May 2009

Author: Mary Sleigh

A leading embroiderer with a lifelong love and understanding of African culture and landscape translates the many striking images of Africa into textile art, using embroidery, dyeing and quilting. From the dusky colours of the savannah to the traditional beadwork and pottery of African tribes, the author has used a variety of sources and techniques to produce stunning textiles. The book covers the original source material, the design process and the various techniques necessary to produce stunning final pieces, including dyeing with flour paste resist, seminole patchwork, piecing, patching, stitching, applique, roulleaux, drawn thread surface embellishment and mixed media. Beautifully illustrated with over 90 colour images, the book covers: • The design process • Colour, from natural earth colours to the bright colours of African jewellery and body paint • Pattern, from stripes and zigzags to circles and triangles • Texture and surface, including ridges, raised surface, edges and surface additions • An exercise project to get you started