ISBN: 9781849948418

Publication date: 12 Oct 2023

Author: Eastoe, Jane

This beautifully illustrated guide to French Bulldogs is packed with tips and tricks to keep your furry friends happy and healthy.

A companion dog par excellence, the French Bulldog now ranks as the most popular breed in the USA and the second most popular in the UK. This immense popularity is hardly a surprise; Frenchies are incredibly loyal and form deep attachments to their owners, they don't need a huge house or exhaustive exercise and are generally happy curled up in your arms. However, there are many things to consider when you bring a French Bulldog into your home:

• How often should I walk them?

• How much training will they need?

• Am I overfeeding them or are the frequent gaseous emissions quite normal?

• How do I manage separation anxiety?

This playful and informative book, written from the perspective of your dog, covers everything you need to know about this ultimate companion while celebrating their affectionate personalities that demand attention. The puppy months, diet and training are covered along with advice on grooming, maintaining good health and identifying illnesses. 

Richly illustrated by Meredith Jensen and packed with adorable photographs of beloved pets, dog lovers, owners and enthusiasts will adore this playful celebration of French Bulldogs.

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