ISBN: 9781849947121

Publication date: 14 Oct 2021

Author: Andrew Soltis

An insightful new book that is perfect for newcomers to chess inspired by Netflix's Queen's Gambit.Written by one of the best chess communicators in the business, chess master and chess journalist Andy Soltis divulges practical advice and explains technical terms that chess books often overlook. From learning how to train your mind with chess information to choosing the best chess opening, dip in and out of this invaluable guide to improve your chess in a minutes. Chess questions answered in this book include: ·Is there a best way to study chess? ·How do I know if I have a natural talent? ·How important is chess memory and how can I train mine? ·How long should I think before choosing a move? ·Is there a proper way to think? Can I think like a chess computer? ·How do I develop chess intuition? Don't try to swallow too much information in one sitting. Dip in and out of these great chess questions to better understand the game and let the improvement happen incrementally.