ISBN: 9781849946698

Publication date: 17 Feb 2022

Author: Hazel Soan

Bestselling artist and writer Hazel Soan delivers a concise and approachable guide to portrait painting, with simple exercises and step-by-step demonstrations.Whether you are using watercolour, oils or acrylic, Learn to Paint Portraits Quickly explains the key elements of catching a likeness in portrait painting in a mixture of mediums. The book is filled with easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step exercises that can be digested in a short period of time, and written in an accessible way for all artists to learn about portraiture.The key elements of portraiture covered in this concise book include: ·Finding the likeness ·Creating form – the light and shade ·The facial features ·Painting the hair ·Skin tone and colouring ·The body, clothing and backgroundIllustrated with Hazel’s magnificent, colourful paintings, and with practical advice and demonstrations throughout, this book is the perfect tool to help beginners master portrait painting – quickly.