ISBN: 9781849946100

Publication date: 16 Sep 2021

Author: Shelley Rhodes

Discover the rich creative possibilities of fragmentation and repair in textile art.Fragmentation and repair are two of the biggest buzzwords in textile and mixed-media art. In this fascinating book, renowned artist Shelley Rhodes explores both concepts, with a wealth of fresh ideas and practical advice.Drawing on her own practice, Shelley explains how she reconstructs and reassembles cloth, paper and other materials to create new pieces, often incorporating found objects and items she has collected over the years to add depth and emotional resonance. From piercing and devoré to patching and darning, techniques include: ·Fragmentation of materials, text and image. ·Repair using darning and patching along with pins, tape, adhesive and plaster. ·The Japanese concepts of wabi-sabi (finding beauty in imperfection) and mottainai (using every last scrap). ·Using salvaged and recycled materials, and repurposing household items. ·Methods of distressing and manipulating surfaces including weathering, abrasion, burning, piercing, staining and burying. ·Collage, working in a series and collecting fragments.Beautifully illustrated with Shelley’s own pieces alongside those of other leading artists, this fascinating book is the ideal companion for any textile artist wanting to bring notions of fragility, fragmentation and repair into their own work.