ISBN: 9781849943451

Publication date: 23 Jun 2016

Author: Caroline Taggart

Wherever you are, whatever the company, the ability to engage and entertain your companions will always stand you in good stead. For many though, summoning up the courage to be heard in a crowded room, or seated next to a stranger at a dinner party, can test one’s nerves to the limit. What to say, and how to put yourself and your interlocutor at ease requires a range of skills and Her Ladyship is on hand to help you through even the most difficult of situations. From a garden party amongst royals to a business reception, this book covers common mistakes of conversational etiquette and offers countless suggestions on how to keep the conversation flowing so that you become the most valued of guests.Her Ladyship considers the art of conversation in all sorts of contexts, from a chance encounter on a long railway journey to making new friends, and also takes account of the fact that more and more of our ‘conversations’ take place via text and email rather than talking. She covers: first impressions (from greetings, handshakes, body language and eye contact), introducing yourself (even if you've met them before!), making yourself sound interesting, suiting your conversation to the occasion, dealing with age differences, the art of listening, dealing with bores, and dating conversations.Advice and case studies will help make you the essential guest at any get together.