ISBN: 9781849940153

Publication date: 15 Sep 2011

Author: Brian Byfield

·Always wanted to play chess but haven't much time to learn? This dinky little book will show you how – in just 10 minutes. ·Covers all the pieces and how they move, plus simple tips and tricks. ·Informative chessboard diagrams and quirky illustrations help the information stick.Most people think chess is a difficult game to learn. But that really isn't the case. By the time you've read this helpful little book, you'll have absorbed all the information you need to know to go off and play your first game. In clear, simple, humorous text, backed up with useful chessboard diagrams and illustrations, the author shows you round the board, introduces the pieces and how they move, and lets you into the secrets of special moves such as castling. It finishes off with some invaluable advice on how to marshal your troops and win the game: why you need to avoid the sides of the boards, and how to see every threat as an opportunity, and every opportunity as a a potential minefield. Armed with the information in this book, you'll become a real chess player – in super-quick time!