ISBN: 9781841658285

Publication date: 06 Dec 2018

Author: Keith Sugden

To be a medieval pilgrim evokes an image of a dauntless soul, braving weather, weariness and woe to fulfil a spiritual quest, treading ancient highways and following some inner force to Jerusalem, Rome, Santiago or Canterbury.Pilgrims today are more fortunate since, through the wonders of modern travel and communications, pilgrim sites are now accessible in a way our medieval forbears could never have imagined. Be that as it may, true pilgrimage never changes: it is to set out on a journey of outward and inner discovery; and to return changed and inspired by all that has been seen and experienced along the way.This Pitkin guide explores the history of pilgrimage; covering pagan, celtic and Christian sites. It also describes the main shrines throughout the UK – Winchester, Canterbury, Westminer, Lincoln, Durham and more – and the saints connected to them.