ISBN: 9781841656182

Publication date: 03 Aug 2015

Author: Pitkin

Textus Roffensis was written out by a scribe in 1122 - he was copying out a code of law that had first been issued by Ethelbert, the first Christian King of Kent, in about 607. These were the first laws to be written in English for Englishmen. Today, this manuscript remains in the care of Rochester Cathedral. Following the Norman Conquest, at a time of great change, the monks of Rochester felt their independence and financial security were under threat. To defend themselves and secure their future they wrote Textus Roffensis. It provided the monks with an effective legal code with which to reinforce their claims to privileges and possessions. The book is made up of two parts and it is not known why they were bound together - an expensive process. One theory is that the monks were attempting to hide evidence of forged manuscripts. Produced by Rochester Cathedral, and including images of the pages themselves, this book outlines the intriguing history of Textus Roffensis.