ISBN: 9781841651842

Publication date: 01 Aug 2007

Author: Annie Bullen

Introducing a fresh, updated edition of a Pitkin best seller. This great city has almost 40 colleges, each a part of the other, tightly interwoven. You’ll discover cobbled streets, looking much as they did hundreds of years ago, old wooden doors that open to offer enticing glimpses of mown lawns, neat quadrangles and ancient staircases leading into the heart of the colleges. Gaze skywards and see great bell towers, carved figures and slim spires piercing the clouds. The ancient beauty is enlivened by all the charms of a modern city – theatres, galleries, bookshops, cafés, pubs and restaurants. Today’s tourists can enjoy these 21st-century comforts while exploring the buildings and discovering the treasures of one of the greatest university cities in the world.