ISBN: 9781797229324

Publication date: 08 Feb 2024

Author: Petit Collage
Bunny, hedgehog, squirrel, and bear are ready to pile up on a bright wooden mushroom—but watch out for the wobbles! 

You’ll need a steady hand as you stack woodland creatures in this fun single-player game. The die decides your next move, but it’s up to you to avoid toppling the tower. How many pieces can you stack before your woodland starts to wobble? A small acorn may be simple, but a big brown bear may not be so easy! Plus, with custom rules, you can create a unique twist each time you play. 

Suitable for ages 3+ and 2–4 players, it's time for a nature-themed balancing challenge with the Woodland Wobble Stacking Game from Petit Collage!

Sorting and stacking these wooden game pieces develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and balancing.

Made using FSC materials and packaged using 75% recycled material printed with vegetable inks. 

Suitable for 3 years+

Petit Collage combines a modern aesthetic with environmentally conscious manufacturing to create bold, thoughtful products to delight little ones. We strive to make our products beautiful and fun in equal measure.