ISBN: 9781797228167

Publication date: 20 Jun 2024

Author: Verschueren, Marilyne
A powerful tool for self-discovery filled with mystical practices, meditations, and mind-expanding visuals from the artist behind the wildly popular Instagram account @beamingdesign.

In Beaming, Marilyne Verschueren-the artist behind internet sensation Beamingdesign-presents 100 expansive visuals designed to stimulate your mind and awaken your intuition. Messages of hope, resilience, and joy are incorporated into radiant art, with each image offering the reader an opportunity for deep contemplation and introspection. Powerful imagery is paired with dozens of guided mindfulness, journaling, and breathwork exercises to deepen the interactive experience. For fans of modern mysticism,tarot, and self-care and anyone on a spiritual journey, Beaming is an exquisite companion and a stirring call to follow your truth.

BELOVED ARTIST: Marilyne Verschueren (@beamingdesign) is a celebrated artist with a passionate following on social media. This book collects fan-favorite artwork, dozens of never-before-seen pieces, and guided practices for deeper engagement with the visuals to inspire self-care, personal growth, creativity, and more.

BEAUTIFUL BOOK TO GIFT AND DISPLAY: Overflowing with colorful, radiant artwork in an eye-catching package, this beautiful book is a statement object that makes an uplifting self-purchase or thoughtful gift for the spiritual and the spiritually curious.

FUN AND ILLUMINATING ACTIVITY: Rich with visually inspiring art, meditations, and mindful exercises, this book guides readers through an empowering practice of self-reflection and self-discovery. This visual approach offers a dynamic alternative to text-driven guides, bringing a fresh and energetic perspective to personal growth.

Perfect for:- Modern mystics - Tarot and oracle deck enthusiasts - Meditators and mindfulness practitioners - Fans of The Wild Unknown and Mystic Mondays Tarot - Fans of @beamingdesign on Instagram