ISBN: 9781797226842

Publication date: 04 Jan 2024

Author: Underwood, Kiana

Filled with photos of hundreds of lush arrangements and expert wisdom from world-renowned floral design star Kiana Underwood, this imaginative guide provides all the secrets and visual inspiration to create your own spectacular flower arrangements for special occasions. From world renowned floral artist Kiana Underwood, Floral Fantasy is a guide to designing jaw-dropping botanical arrangements. Rich with luxurious designs and lush blooms, this lookbook combines gorgeous visual inspiration with practical tips and lovely storytelling. Flower lovers will discover a bounty of hundreds of color photographs paired with expert advice and practical how-tos for showstopping arrangements for weddings, holidays, and festive celebrations. Visually stunning and packed with Kiana's signature expertise, this book is both a covetable object and a useful treasure-trove of floral wisdom for anyone who wants to elevate special occasions with the beauty of flowers.