ISBN: 9781797225159

Publication date: 28 Mar 2024

Author: JacksonSaulters, Kenya
A beautiful and encouraging guide to connecting with the natural world for peace, calm, and clarity.

From the author of the popular Nature Meditations Deck , this guided journal makes it easy to tap into the restorative power of nature. Within these pages are simple mindfulness practices, reflection prompts, and guided activities organized into four sections:- Nature meditations - Walking thoughts - Messages from the earth - Strengthening affirmations Whether you're in your own backyard, strolling through a local park with a friend, or hiking deep in the woods, this uplifting journal brings the benefits of nature to your fingertips and makes for a lovely companion on any outdoor excursion.

MINDFULNESS MADE EASY: This engaging, interactive journal makes it easy to practice mindfulness. The simple-to-follow prompts and activities are a great tool for individuals curious about tapping into the power of self-care practices such as forest bathing and meditation but aren't sure where to start.

GREAT WELLNESS GIFT: Delivered in a beautifully illustrated, nature-inspired package, this journal is a great gift for nature lovers, meditators, and anyone who wants to experience more joy and peace in everyday life.

NATURE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: This journal makes it easy to engage with the natural world through bite-sized meditations and visualizations. Whether in a backyard, visiting a local park, or deep in the forest, this journal offers simple ways to access the healing energy of the outdoors.

VALUABLE CONTENT IN AN AFFORDABLE PACKAGE: Mindfulness and time in nature are scientifically proven to help people release stress and calm anxiety. This beautiful, all-levels journal offers valuable practices in an accessible format that provides everything needed to bring balance, focus, and calm to everyday life.

Perfect for:- Nature enthusiasts and those seeking gifts for nature lovers - Anyone looking for accessible mindfulness/therapeutic practices - Mind/body/spirit practitioners - Devotees of Kenya Jackson-Saulters's Nature Meditations Deck and Outdoor Journal Tour organization - Fans of self-care books and tools like Calm the Chaos Journal, Mindfulness Cards, Forest Bathing, and She Explores