ISBN: 9781797225050

Publication date: 16 May 2024

Author: Disney/Pixar
This stunning book showcases the art, behind-the-scenes details, and making of the Disney and Pixar animated feature film Inside Out 2 .

The next in the fan-favorite, collectible Art of series, The Art of Inside Out 2 presents the story behind the newest film from Pixar Animation Studios and the sequel to the beloved blockbuster Inside Out . It highlights the stunning artwork from the film's creation-including character designs, storyboards, color scripts, and much more-and features exclusive interviews with the creative team along with behind-the-scenes details. This book is the perfect gift for aspiring artists, animators, film buffs, and fans.

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EXCLUSIVE LOOK AT ANIMATION FILMMAKING: Fans will want to delve into and explore this Pixar Animation film through production art, stories, and making-of details exclusive to this book.

PART OF THE FAN-FAVORITE SERIES: The collectible Art of series is perfect for animation enthusiasts, filmmakers, students, and fans of Disney and Pixar. Add The Art of Inside Out 2 to the shelf with other bestselling books like The Art of Elemental, The Art of Turning Red, and The Art of Soul .

Perfect for:- Animators and animation students - Disney fans of all ages - Cinephiles and movie buffs - Pop culture enthusiasts and historians - Families that love watching Disney and Pixar films together