ISBN: 9781797222455

Publication date: 11 May 2023

Author: Emma Frisch, Jana Blankenship
An indispensable guide for families that want to live in deep, joyful connection with nature all year long. Authors Emma Frisch and Jana Blankenship have a strong friendship that blossomed around their shared experience as mothers, nature lovers, and advocates for simple, healthy living. As they observed a growing demand from families wanting to unplug and reconnect themselves and their children to nature, they created this helpful and fun resource. Grounded is intended to help families and children rediscover the soul-stirring wonder and magic that comes from living in tune with the seasons. Organized into twelve chapters that sync with each season’s rhythms and offerings, and with content from a host of diverse contributors drawing from a range of backgrounds, Grounded includes: • 55 food and beverage recipes (Chinese Lunar New Year dumplings, etc.) • 52 personal care and wellness recipes (nettle hair rinse, forest bathing bath salts that follows the Japanese tradition of shin-rin-roku, or Japanese forest bathing, etc.) • 28 crafts & activities (twisted rope flower crowns, botanical face paint, etc.).