ISBN: 9781797222431

Publication date: 30 Mar 2023

Author: Ilaria Demonti, Camilla Pintonato
Welcome to the wonderful world of sheep! Sheepology is filled with incredible sheep facts told in a playful tone by Ilaria Demonti, with endearing illustrations by Camilla Pintonato. Discover all there is to know about sheep in all of their wooly mammal glory in Sheepology. Have you ever heard the phrase “nation of sheep”? The meaning comes from the fact that sheep do not like to be alone. You’ll find them flocking together in large groups, or with groups of other animals, such as pigs, chickens, and goats. Did you know that because of the way wool is processed in North America, it’s the only region in the world where wool produces an allergic reaction? Have you ever wondered how sheep’s milk turns into cheese? Or the steps for shearing a sheep, and how sheep wool is processed, from washing, carding, and combing to spinning and dyeing in order to make yarn for knitting? These and other intriguing and engaging facts about sheep can be found in Sheepology, a visual encyclopedia and follow-up to Chickenology and Pigology. Nature and animal-loving readers of all ages will find something to discover.