ISBN: 9781797222295

Publication date: 16 Mar 2023

Author: Mitch Goldstein
Twenty short essays by designer, artist, and educator Mitch Goldstein to help design students to get the most out of school. Having taught design for 16 years, Mitch Goldstein explores all aspects of how to get the most out of the design school experience, in a way that makes sense for design students at any level of their education, or someone thinking about attending a design school and wondering what it’s really all about. Goldstein will cover such topics as: • Why go to design school • What actually happens in your classes during your time at design school • What kind of assignments you can expect • How critiques work • What you’re actually expected to do on a daily basis • How to translate ideas into paying client projects • How to make things that will get you a job • And much moreFrom collaboration and critiques to practice and process, this book gives design students a guide to make the best of their school experience, while also adding value for design professors to understand how to design school from a student’s perspective, and to better the collaborative experience.