ISBN: 9781797221502

Publication date: 26 Oct 2023

Author: Reece, Sam
Amy Sedaris meets the nihilistic spirit of millennial/Gen Z humor with a healthy dose of Lisa Frank in Shitty Craft Club: a guide that allows burnt-out, pressured people to accept their imperfections and find inner calm with whatever shitty thing they can make. Did you know that you are a glorious and incredible artist? Wait, really? Well, you are. Through silly and deeply relatable tales from her life, Sam Reece, founder of the Shitty Craft Club, guides you through dozens of craft projects that give you permission to be as weird, wild, and wonderful as you want to be. Making a bunch of pom-poms so you can be your own cheerleader? That's a craft. Sculpting a rhinestone shrimp out of aluminum foil and a glue gun? A craft. Having literally one sip of water (congrats, by the way)? Yup, you bet - a craft. Here at the Shitty Craft Club, there's no limit to what a craft can be, because life is hard. So why not spend a bit of time gluing some trash to more trash if it makes you happy? This is your sign to embrace anti-perfectionism. Join us at the Shitty Craft Club!