ISBN: 9781797221403

Publication date: 06 Jul 2023

Author: Grosvenor, Emily
A fresh, smart, and inspiring lifestyle book that shows you how to create an empowering home environment by changing the messages you are telling yourself within your own four walls. Award-winning magazine editor and certified Feng Shui consultant Emily Grosvenor invites us to a reality where our homes hold limitless opportunities to create meaning, shape behavior, and inspire action. Drawing on ancient wisdom and modern science and filled with examples from the author's groundbreaking research and work with clients, this is a philosophical and practical guide to creating a home environment that reflects your values, shapes your behavior, and supports you on your journey of self-discovery. Divided into chapters by aspiration—such as attraction, creativity, purpose, partnership, focus, and connection—and filled with gorgeous full-color illustrations, Find Yourself at Home presents a new way to collaborate with your living space, carry out your purpose in a changing world, and create the perfect home in which to thrive. GREAT GIFT FOR HOME DÉCOR MAKEOVER AND FENG SHUI FANS: This is a great gift for people who are looking to rejuvenate their homes, and for those who love home makeover shows, marathoning HGTV shows, and bringing spiritualism and philosophy into their daily lives. A NEW TAKE ON HOME DESIGN: Many of us have decluttered, home-edited our pantries, tried minimalism, made our homes hygge, and chosen things that 'sparked joy.' Now it's time to shape our homes to reflect who we want to be and our purpose, to make every room align with the behaviors we want to create. This is for readers who are recognizing that our homes have become more than places to rest: they are places for mystery, self-discovery, and empowerment. FOR READERS WORKING FROM HOME/STARTING NEW CAREERS: For many of us, our homes are now also our offices. This is the perfect guide for anyone wanting to bring more of their aspirations, such as focus, creativity, and purpose, into their workspaces. Perfect for: Fans of wellness and those interested in Feng Shui, creating habits, and setting intentions Women 25+ looking for ways to make their home reflect who they are and their goals/aspirations Anyone working from home or starting a new business from home An inspiring and practical Mother's Day, hostess, or housewarming gift Fans of Marie Kondo's books and popular guidebooks such as Joy of Less, Soulful Simplicity, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, The House Witch, and Theology of Home