ISBN: 9781797221342

Publication date: 14 Sep 2023

Author: Han, Emily

Discover the quiet joy of mushroom hunting with this delightful field guide to identifying mushrooms and reconnecting with the natural world.

For the mycologically curious, this take-anywhere handbook is the perfect thing to toss in a backpack and bring on a mushroom hunt. Learn how to identify fifteen common types of mushrooms and forage safely-not necessarily for consumption but rather as a practice in curiosity, mindfulness, and peaceful observation.

Mindful reflections and shroom-inspired rituals, such as brewing reishi hot cocoa, invite you to reconnect with the earth and consider what we can learn from these incredible specimens. Filled with charming illustrations, Mushroom Hunting is your doorway to the mysterious and magical world of these earthy life-forms.

MUSHROOMS ARE INCREDIBLE: More closely related to humans than they are to plants, fungi are fascinating organisms. Over a hundred thousand different species have been identified, though as many as five million may exist globally. Learn more in this insightful book! With tips for hunting and detailed profiles of fifteen different types of common shrooms, this mushroom book is a lovely, accessible entry point to the world of mycology.

GREAT GIFT BOOK: Petite, gorgeously illustrated, and written in an inviting tone, this approachable guide makes a great gift or self-purchase for mushroom lovers. Package it together with hiking boots, Lion's Mane capsules, mushroom-themed clothing, or other books in the Pocket Nature series, such as Leaf Peeping (a perfect duo for nature walks!).

EASY WAY TO SPEND MORE TIME OUTSIDE: More and more people are turning to the outdoors as a place to escape and unwind. Foraging for mushrooms is an enjoyable pastime that not only gets you outside and gets your body moving but also calms your mind. With mindful activities sprinkled throughout, Mushroom Hunting is a mushroom identification book and much more-it is an invitation to spend time in nature, quiet your racing thoughts, and honor our incredible earth.

PERENNIAL + COLLECTIBLE: The topics covered in the Pocket Nature series are perennial-beaches, clouds, sunsets, stars, mushrooms, and leaves will always be there to enjoy and admire. With new titles coming out every season and each affordably priced, there will be ever-new opportunities to grow a charming collection that looks great on the shelf.

Perfect for:

- Mushroom enthusiasts and amateur mycologists

- Nature lovers and the nature-curious

- Adventurers, campers, and outdoorsy types

- Meditators and mindfulness practitioners

- People who watched Fantastic Fungi and are curious to learn more about shrooms

- Anyone looking to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life