ISBN: 9781797220314

Publication date: 20 Jul 2023

Author: Santamaria, Sendy
Dreamers meets School's First Day of School in this vibrant story that puts a whole new spin on one loving family's morning drive to school. Every morning, I'm up at four o'clock. I brush my teeth, get dressed, and drag my sister Melanie to the car where Mami's waiting for us. Se nos va hacer tarde! Apurarse! For the next two hours, we'll be in the car driving-past tamale vendors (my favorite part), through la linea (my least favorite part), and across the US border. That's how we get to school every day. This is our normal. Vamos! In a winning, sunny voice in a bright, friendly palette, debut author-illustrator Sendy Santamaria tells the story of one girl's commute, a commute Sendy herself made growing up as an American citizen living in Mexico. Yenebi's Drive to School takes readers on a trip to school that many will recognize as very similar to their own.