ISBN: 9781797220055

Publication date: 27 Apr 2023

Author: Ally Probst, Joel Willis

Finally, the unwritten rules of Dadhood have been written in Dad Law.
Since the dawn of time, all dads have understood that there are a set of rules for fathers-both old and new alike-that guide them to gleefully repeat terrible puns as well as to hone the perfect deadpan joke delivery. This handsome tome collects all of the governing laws of fatherhood, covering a vast array of conceivable situations ranging from fashion to tech to simply being a dad in public. At last, fathers need look no further to confirm that their instincts are 100 percent legally sound, whether it's to vigilantly guard the thermostat settings or to tell unsuspecting children "Hey, pull my finger."

It's not a choice. It's a law: the Dad Law.