ISBN: 9781797220031

Publication date: 09 Nov 2023

Author: Marciuliano, Francesco

Cats have so many ways to say "I love you." Sometimes it's a gentle purr and a slow blink. Sometimes it's a tiny dead animal offered in tribute. And sometimes it's expressed in that deepest of cat love languages: poetry.

From the author of the beloved I Could Pee On This series comes a new book of hilarious love poems from cats to their people. Cats put paw to keyboard to express the depth of their feline feelings in tongue-in-cheek odes to breakfasts (on time please!), ripped up rugs (it's a sign of affection!), the importance of keeping watch in the bathroom, and the perfect cardboard box that the expensive and totally ignored new cat bed arrived in.

Illustrated by adorable and goofy cat photos, this book is the purrfect combination of snarky and sweet that every cat person knows is cat for true love.