ISBN: 9781797219905

Publication date: 30 Mar 2023

Author: Matt Kracht

Listen up, folks: Bees are incredible. If you don't think so, you're wrong; but you're also in luck! Professional bee appreciator Matt Kracht is here to set the record straight with this helpful guidebook to all things bees.

Broken into fourteen chapters that delve into various bee topics, from distinguishing between bees and not bees (very crucial), to exploring the absolute wonder that is bee behavior (they do a little dance directing their bee friends to a food source, for crying out loud!), to divulging the mind-blowing science behind honey making (just some extremely intricate and precise hexagonal honeycomb construction, no big deal), and more, Kracht paints a charming and enthusiastic picture of our favorite pollinators. Kracht playfully and earnestly examines ten different kinds of bees, from the honeybee to the teddy bear bee, providing unbelievably cool facts and reasons why bees deserve a lot more credit. With lighthearted watercolor and ink drawings, humorous quips, lists, and musings, OMFG, BEES! will show you just how important these esteemed bee-list celebrities really are. (Hint: We can't live without them.)