ISBN: 9781797219875

Publication date: 13 Apr 2023

Author: Tara Lawall, Anne Marie Wonder

There Are Too Many Milks is a laugh-out-loud collection of illustrated scenarios that perfectly captures the tribulations of being an adult human in the twenty-first century.

Whether pondering the overwhelming plethora of nondairy milk options that drag out your coffee shop experience or grocery trip by a solid half-hour, trying to figure out why you always have a fork that never matches all of your other forks, or wondering why a salad costs $30 (the lettuce costs extra!), this exploration of modern life and its toll on our collective sanity invites readers to revel in the hilarity of these shared experiences. Poking fun at the things we all do to make life more bearable, like crystal healing, picking the perfect email sign-off, eating fancy cheeses, or Botox, this is the perfect impulse buy for birthdays, holidays, graduations, or any other day that needs some comic relief.