ISBN: 9781797219769

Publication date: 28 Sep 2023

Author: Park, James
If you love chili crisp already, this book is for you. If you're new to it, this book is for you.

With over 50 recipes, Chili Crisp is here for you, wherever you are on your spicy life journey. Chili crisp is a magical ingredient that tingles with heat, crunches with fried garlic and onions, and slicks any food with oily goodness. Stir it into soup, toss it with noodles, or drizzle it on warm, buttery biscuits. It's both a foodie obsession and a surprise secret weapon for adding spice and depth to any meal. James Park, food writer and chili crisp devotee, writes a love letter to his favorite ingredient across 50 recipes.

These approachable and adaptable recipes could fill your whole day with chili crisp: - Start the day with Savory Morning Oats with Jammy Eggs and Pork Floss. - Whip up Fiery Spaghetti and Meatballs for lunch. - Tuck into a bowl of Chili Crisp Bulgogi Deopbap and a side of Spicy, Lemony Charred Broccolini for dinner. - For dessert, Spiced Sweet Potato Basque Cheesecake. (Bonus: You can air fry it!) Packed with chili crisp inspiration to take your love of this spicy ingredient to the next level, Park provides dozens of no-recipe recipes (like potato chips and chili crisp, a match made in snack heaven) and a handy Build Your Own Chili Crisp Formula to inspire you to create your very own version of chili crisp.

Soon all your family and friends will be clamoring for a jar.