ISBN: 9781797218755

Publication date: 14 Sep 2023

Author: Brown, Lucienne

Giant fluffy honeybees, dad jokes from God, and a mountain of perplexing paperwork populate this illustrated book about an intern in heaven who is determined to solve the world's least pressing problems.

At its heart, Fixing Flamingos is a comedic ode to the minute struggles of modern-day existence and a reminder that even small changes can make a big impact - often in the most unexpected (and sometimes disastrous) ways. The story follows Abby, an ambitious intern who is tasked with single-handedly reviewing and implementing suggestions from the recently deceased to improve life on Earth.

Page through the wild but well-intentioned ideas - which include everything from flamingo design proportions and sideways sunsets to universal feet sizing and renewable energy powered by snoring and purring - and follow along as Abby researches their feasibility and decides whether or not to execute the changes.

Whimsical illustrations by Brian Rea help readers envision the oddball improvements, while Lucienne Brown's witty writing brings Abby the Intern to life in all her self-starting, imaginative glory.