ISBN: 9781797217734

Publication date: 13 Apr 2023

Author: Taylor Elyse Morrison

Through a series of practices aimed at strengthening key dimensions of self-care, from feeling at home in your body to tapping into the wisdom that already lives within you, Taylor Elyse Morrison, founder of the lifestyle brand Inner Workout, guides you to discover what "self-care" truly means and cultivate a dynamic relationship with your whole being.
"Inner Workout offers ease and accessibility when it comes to transforming our thoughts around how we take care of ourselves. Required reading!" -Alexandra Elle, author of After the Rain and How We Heal

Caring for yourself is essential. But we need both direction and intention if we want to find out what we truly need in the moment. This is where Inner Workout comes in: first by redefining what self-care truly is and then by diving deep into areas where you might need some help (like body positivity, burnout, brain fog, self-confidence, and more), offering a variety of practices, prompts, and actionable advice to strengthen your connection to each aspect of yourself. Think of this book as a choose your own self-care adventure. Take the Take Care Assessment and find out which practices you deeply need right now. Flip to a section that resonates with you. Or read through each chapter to discover what each dimension of care can offer you. This book isn't meant to change who you are; it will strengthen the wisdom you already have within. Whether you're new to self-care or want to deepen the connection you've cultivated with yourself, this book is here for you at every step of your self-care journey.