ISBN: 9781797216577

Publication date: 09 Nov 2023

Author: Emberling, Amy

In this fun, spirited, and visually rich cookbook from the beloved Zingerman's Bakehouse, here's the full gamut of recipes to mark life events, seasonal holidays, and celebrations, from birthdays and weddings to tailgating, Passover, Mardi Gras, Pi Day, and more!

Following in the footsteps of their first book, Zingerman's Bakehouse, here are 80 meticulously tested, delicious, and fun recipes, with more than 100 photographs and spunky sidebars. The cookies, brownies, cakes, pastries, pizzas, sweet and savory pies, soups, and stews in Zingerman's Celebrate Every Day are specially curated for the large and small events that add color and texture to our lives. Whether you're looking for a Pavlova for Passover or the perfect Kentucky Derby watch-party pie, this book is a resource and an inspiration.