ISBN: 9781797215891

Publication date: 25 Apr 2024

Author: Khamissa, Azra
With detailed how-tos, evocative stories, and expert advice, this curated collection of 30 beautiful, easily reproducible designs by henna expert Azra Khamissa captures the past, present, and future of henna.

Applied intricately to hands before celebrations, spread thickly on the soles of feet to protect the skin, or drawn in loose lines and shapes as a form of creative expression: Henna is all these things and more. Using her deep love for henna and tapping into her years of hosting henna workshops, designer and chiropractor Azra Khamissa fuses her own unique designs with historical and traditional inspiration to create The Henna Archive, a guide with 30 approachable designs that you can create at home.

Inside you'll find historical designs from Libya, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and more, as well as designs of Khamissa's own creation: leopard prints, crescent moons, Japanese knots, and flowers. Touching stories from people around the world sharing their personal connections to henna pair with the designs and illuminate the intimate nature of this ancient body art. Included are detailed how-tos to take your henna practice to the next level and tips, like how to get the perfect stain, what to look for when shopping for the best quality henna products, and how to host your own henna party.

UNIQUE DESIGNS: Included among the historical designs are 20 of Azra's own creation, designs that her many followers and fans have loved re-creating on their own and that will inspire you to explore henna for yourself.

A CELEBRATION OF HENNA: No other book has explored the stories and people behind the art form of henna in such a beautiful way. The designs inside uniquely capture the diverse applications, places, and people who love henna.

BEAUTIFUL GIFT: Filled with striking photography and detailed instructions, this book is the perfect gift for both beginners and henna experts alike or anyone looking to explore this art form.

Perfect for:- Engagement party, bridal shower, wedding, or Eid al-Fitr gift - Fans of henna, mendhi, or temporary tattooing looking for DIY design ideas - Great art activity for a girls' night, bachelorette party, slumber parties, and more - Those who enjoy calligraphy, hand lettering, drawing, or anyone looking for a new art practice