ISBN: 9781797215662

Publication date: 16 Feb 2023

Author: Susan McLeary

Flowers For All makes it easy to create gorgeous, modern flower arrangements that enhance everyday life with natural beauty.
Celebrated floral designer Susan McLeary invites you to live a flower-filled life with botanical arrangements that encourage joy and connection. Driven by the belief that flowers should be enjoyed by everyone, McLeary does away with fussy ingredient lists and impossible-to-find botanicals. Here, she reveals the secrets to making striking, joyful floral displays using just a few ingredients. Organized into three sections - flowers for your home, flowers to gift, and flowers for larger celebrations - the book features 30 gorgeous arrangements, including an infinitely giftable monochromatic bouquet, an aromatherapy bundle to fill your space with uplifting scents, a striking centerpiece for celebratory dinner parties, and a gorgeous wreath for festive gatherings. With sections on design techniques, flower care, vessel selection, and simple-to-follow instructions for each design, you'll be empowered to make magnificent arrangements at home - whether you buy your flowers at the local grocery store or cut them from your own garden. Delivered in a petite package full of expert tips and lush photos, this stunning handbook is a must-have guide for flower lovers, decor enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to immerse themselves in nature's beauty.