ISBN: 9781797214610

Publication date: 14 Sep 2023

Author: Furman, Katherine

A creative twist on divination cards such as tarot and oracle, The Story Oracle offers a deck of 78 unique cards with bright, iconic illustrations and open-ended, multi-meaning readings designed to inspire storytelling.

Break writer's block and find inspiration at every turn of the card! Whether you are trying to find a story direction, deepen a character, dig out of a rut, or kick-start a new narrative, these cards will bring creative insight and let your inner storyteller shine through.

Just draw a card to determine the next twist in your story (maybe Follow That Car" or "Misunderstanding"), shape the perfect character arc (such as "Pride," "Guardian," then "Surprise Villain"), and much more. A guidebook offers potential readings for each individual card (upright and reverse), as well as card layouts that set up a variety of story conditions.

AN INNOVATIVE DECK ROOTED IN STORYTELLING HISTORY: In sixteenth-century Italy, a popular parlor game would have players dealt cards depicting symbols and themes, from which the players would write poetic verses about one another. These cards would later also take on oracular meaning and over time evolve into the tarot as we know it. Then and now, cards can be powerful tools to reveal a living narrative or story direction.

SHAKE UP YOUR PROCESS: Tap into unconscious currents of storytelling. Confirm where you think your story is going or be inspired to turn it in a wholly unexpected but exciting new direction.

MULTIPLE INTERPRETATIONS, ENDLESSLY USEFUL: The accompanying 96-page booklet offers suggested potential meanings for each card, but these are only meant as a beginning. Take the cards at literal face value or as subjective symbols for interpretation. Upright and Reversed meanings are given for each card to expand their range of possibilities, and sample card layouts are also provided.

WIDE-RANGING CARD SUBJECTS: Subjects include The Clock Is Ticking, Flying High, A Difficult Truth, Guardian, The Key, The Perfect Sandwich, It's a Trap!, A Lesson from the Past, Something Hidden, Authority Figure, Home, Mischief, and dozens more.

Perfect for:- Writers in any genre or medium looking to find inspiration, a fresh approach, or a starting point for a new project

- Fans of creative tarot decks and oracle cards

- An antidote to writers block or unique addition to classroom tools for writers

- Birthday, graduation, holiday, or anytime gift for writers and curious creatives

- Cool creative gift for teens and adults, paired with a writing journal or set of pens