ISBN: 9781797214559

Publication date: 10 Nov 2022

Author: Ana Gallo

How does a wildlife photographer know that an elephant stampede is coming?

How does a baker always know which egg is raw?

Why does a feather fall as fast as a hammer during a gravity experiment?

And why do candles in a black candlestick holder melt so quickly?

Welcome to the world of SLEUTH & SOLVE: SCIENCE, where clues are embedded in every detail and unexpected twists put your wits to the test. Each mind-bending mystery has a scientific spin, featuring STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) concepts in a wide range of disciplines, from geology to astronomy, chemistry, biology, and more! Plus, each case includes a scientific explanation and select hands-on experiments to enhance readers’ understanding. Solving this collection of mini-mysteries takes keen observation, strong logic, and a scientific sensibility. Play solo or with friends, collecting points for cracking each compelling case to reveal whose scientific sleuthing skills reign supreme!