ISBN: 9781797212159

Publication date: 09 May 2024

Author: Downs, Mike
There are so many little life moments to measure-and so many creative ways to measure them!

How do you measure how long it takes to read a good book? Sure, you can use units of time, like minutes or hours . . . but you can also use your very own measurements: how many times you laugh or cry, how many pages you turn, or how many times you ask to read it again. And measuring rainfall could mean using decibels of sound . . . or how many people you see opening umbrellas. This playful picture book introduces young readers to different units of measurement, then invites them to think of creative ways to quantify the meaningful moments in their lives. The possibilities are as limitless as the imagination!

ENCOURAGES CURIOSITY: Every kid loves to count, measure, and quantify-even when the things they're examining seem immeasurable at first glance! This nonfiction picture book encourages kids' natural inclinations toward scientific thinking and their boundless imaginations, modeling unique ways to measure everything from the distance covered on a road trip to the brightness of stars and more!

CELEBRATES SEEING AND EXPERIENCING: This charmingly illustrated book is a celebration of what is special about every day, no matter how small those moments may seem. Measuring is one way to really take in a new experience, after all. Kids will embrace the concept and the fun!

ENGAGING READ-ALOUD: This picture book's accessible rhyme, engaging content, and spirited illustrations make it a delightful read-aloud for classroom or family enjoyment.

A SWEET GIFT BOOK: A meaningful message and adorable illustrations make this a go-to gift and an ideal addition to a child's library.

Perfect for:
- Parents, grandparents, and caregivers of curious kids - Librarians and teachers seeking engaging nonfiction books with STEM or STEAM content - Anyone seeking a distinctive gift that encourages imagination, creativity, and play - Birthday, holiday, summer reading, or moving-up ceremony gift