ISBN: 9781797211756

Publication date: 17 Aug 2023

Author: Hoffman, Jilanne

Over and Under the Rainforest meets This Is How We Do It -celebrating global interconnectedness with an environmental lens, at a time when we need it most.

I am dust,

the dust of North Africa.

I connect continents.

The dust of the Sahel-a ribbon of land between the Sahara and the savanna-lifts with the harmattan winds each winter season. But this is not just any dust. The Sahel's dust will mix with dust from the Sahara and travel thousands of miles westward, across the African continent and the Atlantic Ocean, to reunite with its unforgotten home deep in the Amazon basin.

Told in the perspective of dust, A River of Dust takes readers on a journey through vibrantly illustrated landscapes, celebrating the power and wonder of Earth's ecosystems, and showing how these tiny particles are in fact key to the health of our planet. Meticulously researched and lushly illustrated, this picture book is a lyrical ode to global interconnectedness and the vital roles that even the smallest play in taking care of our planet.