ISBN: 9781797211237

Publication date: 23 May 2024

Author: White, Dianne
A heartfelt picture book that celebrates embracing the moment and finding gratitude right here, right now.

What does grateful look like? How does it feel? How do you find it? Even in the face of a challenge, you don't need a map: You just need to pay attention to the little things-a smile, a hug, the smell of newly cut grass-that add up to a sense of presence and hope.

With evocative, lyrical prose, this warmly illustrated children's book is a reminder to pause, reflect, and take in the glimmers of positivity and connection that can be found amid even the most difficult circumstances. Both a timely meditation on finding gratitude in everyday moments and a timeless ode to the simple joy of truly being present, Finding Grateful encourages readers to slow down and embrace the beauty of being right where they are.

MODELS MINDFULNESS: Kids aren't immune to the stress and anxiety of an uncertain future-far from it! This book offers powerful tools for reclaiming their thoughts and emotions in difficult situations: practicing awareness, staying open to and present in the world around them, and finding moments of gratitude each and every day.

CELEBRATES THE BEAUTY IN SMALL THINGS: This picture book's embrace of joy in everyday moments will resonate with parents of observant and curious children who are fascinated by everything in their world.

MAKES BIG FEELINGS MORE MANAGEABLE: Teaching social and emotional skills to kids is more important than ever, and this expressive book models a thoughtful, engaging way of emerging from difficult moments with lasting feelings of gratitude.

A WARM READ-ALOUD: With its accessible and soothing tone, this exuberant yet gentle picture book is just right for reading to kids and for kids reading independently.

Perfect for:- Parents looking for books that teach values of gratitude and compassion - Gift givers looking for books that encourage mindfulness and self-empowerment - Anyone seeking gorgeously illustrated, emotionally resonant year-round gifts - Fans of author Dianne White's award-winning picture books - Fans of illustrator Faith Pray's picture books