ISBN: 9781797210254

Publication date: 11 Nov 2021

Author: Dr. Kathryn Schmitz

Cancer diagnosis and treatment doesn't have to be a passive experience, and it shouldn't be. Dr. Kathryn Schmitz's Moving Through Cancer introduces a 21-day program of strength training and exercise for cancer prevention and recovery. Go from diagnosis to thriving with this empowering guide to using strength training and exercise to improve your mental and physical health before, during, and after cancer diagnosis and treatment. This groundbreaking program will show you how to use exercise and movement to: Recover more quickly from surgery Withstand chemotherapy (or other drug treatments) or radiation with fewer side effects Bounce back to daily life following cancer treatments Prevent loss of function or fitness due to treatment Return to work more quickly or stay at work throughout treatment Protect against late side effects of treatment that come years after diagnosis Leading exercise oncology researcher Dr. Kathryn Schmitz shows you how to prepare for cancer treatment and begin regularly exercising in just 21 days using five key steps: Move, Lift, Eat, Sleep, and Log. Both informative and practical, Moving Through Cancer explains the science of healing and prevention and delivers a paradigm-shifting message for patients, doctors, and caregivers about using exercise to live with and beyond cancer. FOR READERS OF: Anticancer Living and The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen. A PRACTITIONER AND CAREGIVER: Dr. Kathryn Schmitz is a pracademic (practitioner + academic) and a caregiver: In 2010, the publication of one of her trials in The New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association overturned years of entrenched dogma and conventional wisdom that told breast cancer survivors to avoid upper body exercise. In 2016, Dr. Schmitz's wife, Sara, was diagnosed with stage 3 squamous cell carcinoma—she is currently NED (no evidence of disease) and cancer free. Moving Through Cancer is inspired by Dr. Schmitz's professional and personal experience with cancer. HELPS PATIENTS AND CAREGIVERS TO COMBAT THE POWERLESSNESS OF THE CANCER JOURNEY: Dr. Schmitz's empowering message will not only resonate with anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer but with their family and loved ones as well. Dr. Schmitz is able to give life back to readers by providing results that include better sleep, better sex, less chemo brain, reduced nausea, and improved recovery. PARADIGM-SHIFTING PROTOCOL: Moving Through Cancer is the center of Dr. Schmitz's campaign to have doctors prescribing exercise to cancer patients as common practice by 2029. THE FIRST MAINSTREAM EXERCISE-FOR-CANCER BOOK: Until now, exercise-for-cancer books have been limited to academic approaches or one-cancer-specific (breast) or one-exercise specific (yoga, pilates) books. Moving Through Cancer is for all cancer patients and survivors and their caregivers. GREAT FOR THE CLASSROOM: Students and teachers will want to use these techniques in their classrooms to provide a better understanding of how to treat cancer patients. Perfect for: 18+, Health enthusiasts, rehab, exercise, academia, medical professionals