ISBN: 9781797209630

Publication date: 03 Mar 2022

Author: Amil Barnes

We all know cuffing up can be complicated. But let's face it—it leads to some pretty good stories. These 110 provocative conversation starters explore the deeper questions we all want to ask about love, sex, and relationships. It's very simple: shuffle the deck, pick a card, ask the question, invite everyone to answer, and let the conversations grow from there. Perfect for a kickback or a girls' night in, Real Talk is a fun way to spark the raw, honest conversations that help people connect—for real. PERFECT FOR PARTIES AND GROUPS: These cards offer countless conversations and hours of entertainment for dinners, parties, or small groups of friends looking for a unique way to learn new things about one another. ACCESS ENTERTAINING, YET HONEST CONVERSATIONS: These conversation starters are a great way to bypass shallow small talk and access the genuine conversations that help people connect. MANY WAYS TO PLAY: You can ask the whole group to contribute, choose a specific person to answer, or even turn this into a drinking game—the possibilities are endless. Perfect for: • 18+ • Best friends and groups of friends • Fans of party games