ISBN: 9781797209340

Publication date: 04 Feb 2021

Author: Chronicle Books

This new offering in the hit Spark series is a gift that's good for the soul. Inside this eye-catching matchbox are 50 kraft sticks in the shape of oversize matches, each printed with a prompt for graceful living, practicing gratitude, and acting with love. A unique way to lift the spirit in a pick-me-up package, this box of inspiration is the gift of feeling blessed. • A FUN, UNIQUE WAY TO LIGHT A SPARK: This foil-covered box slides open to reveal 50 kraft faux matchsticks and makes a beautiful addition to the nightstand or desk. Simply draw a stick and try a prompt daily, weekly, or anytime you could use a little boost. • CULTIVATE SPIRITUAL GROWTH: These prompts encourage connecting with your beliefs and appreciating blessings. They are a lovely complement to an existing spiritual practice, meditation, or self-reflection ritual. • A GREAT GIFT: Sparkling with foil, this box looks like a prewrapped present and makes a thoughtful and distinctive gift for anyone who enjoys reflecting on the important things in life. • SAMPLE PROMPTS: • Send loving thoughts to others. • Do one thing today that helps someone else. • Take time to reflect on everyday miracles. • Set an intention in the morning to make each day a good one. Perfect for: • Spiritual or self-reflective men and women • People seeking Mother's Day gifts • People seeking gifts for spiritual or religious friends • People seeing stocking stuffers or New-Year-New-You gifts