ISBN: 9781797207711

Publication date: 01 Sep 2022

Author: Kathryn Pauline

While many cookbooks are organized by season, (meaning three quarters of the book goes unused for three quarters of the year), A DISH FOR ALL SEASONS flips the script. This creative approach to seasonal cooking features 26 go-to recipes, each with 4 variations. Every dish includes a base recipe - such as a simple frittata, Panzanella salad, sheet pan dinner, or loaf cake - plus 4 adaptations based on the season. Also included are simple instructions and formulas for creating original dishes, giving readers the tools they need to improvise based on the ingredients they have on hand. New and weeknight cooks will appreciate the ease and flexibility of the recipes, and home cooks of all skill levels will enjoy creating seasonal, sustainable dishes that highlight fresh ingredients all year long. With an inviting, photo-rich interior and an unintimidating-yet-substantial package, this is a versatile, repertoire-building cookbook for delicious food at every meal.