ISBN: 9781797206370

Publication date: 21 Dec 2023

Author: Justus, Rob

Death and Sparkles are back in their second hilarious adventure! This zany yet philosophical graphic novel features a most unlikely pair of BFFs: Death, a grim reaper who's never had a friend, and Sparkles, the Last Unicorn, a celebrity influencer who is somehow immune to Death's touch. Death and Sparkles never imagined they would become besties for life . . . or rather, death. And they didn't expect to get pulled into another wild adventure so soon. But when Sparkles's horn begins to glow mysteriously and the pair discovers a message left by his unicorn parents, Death reluctantly follows Sparkles on a search to find out what it all means. Sparkles is 100 percent sure the answer will be revealed through some hard-hitting, epic dance moves. Death wants to make sure there is minimal collateral damage. With nothing but golden cupcake bling as their compass, they embark on a journey into the depths of the sewers. Wacky chaos ensues once again for the BFFs in this continuation to the Death & Sparkles book series as a unicorn, a grim reaper, and a group of vengeance-driven mole men hoping to steal Sparkles's golden cupcake face off! HILARIOUS BUDDY COMEDY KIDS COMIC: Move over, Wayne and Garth! Move over, Beavis and Butt-Head! Readers will love this spin on the classic mismatched buddy dynamic featuring two of the most powerful beings around: the guy in charge of taking everyone's life when it's their time and the most magical creature still in existence on Earth. Never have two beings been less alike or more adorable. PERFECT FOR RELUCTANT READERS: With bright, vibrant illustrations; big, fun fonts; expressive sound effects; an irreverent spirit; and a heart full of cupcakes, this graphic novel will entice even the most skeptical of young readers. BIG THEMES: Self-awareness, empathy, bravery, commercialism, celebrity influencers, and the courage to stand up for what you believe in, even if it's the hard thing to do-all these important themes weave throughout the book in subtle ways. LIKE LIVING IN CANDYLAND: Rob Justus's vivid, expressive art is an endless delight. With tons to see on every page and countless visual gags throughout, this book will delight graphic novel fans and bring new readers to the genre. Perfect for:- Fans of graphic novels and comic books - Unicorn enthusiasts - Reluctant readers - Parents, teachers, educators, and librarians seeking engaging and funny kids' books - Fans of Hilda and the Troll, Steven Universe, Wings of Fire, The Dragon Prince, The Legend of Korra, and Avatar: The Last Airbender