ISBN: 9781797203461

Publication date: 03 Mar 2022

Author: Liz Rubin

Find endless amounts of wine pairing inspiration in these colorful pages. Discover amazing pairings like:
- Za'atar-spiced pita chips with floral rose
- Grilled peaches and ricotta with fruity Sauvignon Blanc
- A hearty charcuterie board with robust Bordeaux

Each wine profile, 16 in all and organized from light to dark, unfolds to reveal perfect pairing suggestions for that varietal, diving deep into "why" they go so perfectly with each wine. Learn how Champagne and fatty foods are best friends, why a balanced Zinfandel can temper spicy foods, and more. Also included are quick and easy recipes for each section, as well as guides for picking out the right glassware, meat, and cheese; tips for party planning; and lots of invaluable wine advice sprinkled throughout.